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I'm implementing WebRTC on the server-side, in Java within an existing container server. I need a library which will allow SCTP tunneled via UDP and possibly to a much lesser extent TCP. It is my understanding that only WebRTC data channel use SCTP over DTLS over UDP and that the audo / video data will continue to use RTP/SRTP; if I am incorrect on any of this, please correct me.

So far the only library I've found is here and it looks incomplete. The Jitsi also looked like an option, but they don't have full support for this or the whole of WebRTC as of yet.

IETF draft - UDP Encapsulation of SCTP Packets

Jitsi - Google summer of code 2014

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Regarding to the O'Reilly book on High-Performance Browser Networking Chapter 18 you seem to be absolutly right. I'm sorry that I can not help you finding an appropriate implementation, if there is one yet.

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I may end up writing an implementation for us that still love java, but only if I have time. Thanks for the book reference btw. – Paul Gregoire Jun 8 '14 at 15:44

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