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I was working with Eclipse Kepler and I was using one of many MinGW distributions that you can find in internet. So, yesterday I decide to install QTCreator. But when I finished the QTcreator's installation process I tryed to create a new project in Eclipse, and now I'm not able to select other MinGW toolchain than the installed by Qt SDK.

Is like MinGW installation of QtSDK shadows my other MinGW installation.

What I'm missing? Can Eclipse select between two installed MinGW distributions?

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Yes it can!!!

When a project is created and is set to use the MinGW toolchain you can modify the environment variables for the project. There is a env variable called MINGW_HOME oh, thats rings a bell.

Right click on the project and select properties (or select the project and press Alt+ Enter), follow the path: C/C++ Build -> Environment and then change the variable value to the installation path of the mingw distribution you want to use for your project.

Selecting a MinGW distribution for the project

you can choose between Append variables to native environment or Replace native environment with specified one.

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