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How would one go about generating Encryption Keys from Biometric Fingerprint Templates extracted from a fingerprint using either Griaule SDK or DigitalPersona SDK or any other SDK that will return the fingerprint template in either ISO or ANSI fingerprint templates format? Is there a way one would do that using Fuzzy Extractors, Secure Sketch, Bio Hashing or any other approach? I will appreciate if anyone can show me how to go about this in any programming language? I intend to use the obtained Encryption Keys in encryption and decryption of data.

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I think what you are looking for is "key derivation". This is a good question for crypto.stackexchange.com. Google "encryption key derivation" for examples of deriving encryption keys from various sources, such as PBKDF2 for which you should be able to find a good, reputable and well-tested API. (It's best not to invent your own crypto.) I would suggest HKDF (cf. RFC 5869) but I don't know of a public API that implements this.

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Thanks Jim. I did not even know crypto.stackexchange.com existed. I appreciate your help and the insight you have given me. I am gradually coming out of the woods. –  Joseph Mwema May 24 at 21:38

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