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Here is my partial code:

<% @birds.each do |bird| %>
  <%= "#{bird.name} , #{bird.genus} #{bird.species}"%>
<% end %>

And here is my RSpec code that tests the webpage:

let(:bird) { FactoryGirl.create(:bird) }
before { visit birds_path }
it { should have_text("#{bird.name}") }

This test fails:

Failure/Error: it { should have_text("#{bird.name}") }
   expected #has_text?("Bird_1") to return true, got false

Does anyone know why that happens and how to fix this? Thanks

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You can debug what went wrong using save_and_open_page - gist.github.com/zhengjia/428105#file-capybara-cheat-sheet-L55 –  Uri Agassi May 23 at 18:27
it says undefined local variable or method 'save_and_open_page' –  user2816783 May 23 at 18:40
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The let is called the first time you try to access bird. Since you already visited the page via the before block, the bird was not yet created.

Please try the following:

it "should have bird" do
  bird = FactoryGirl.create(:bird)
  visit bird_path
  expect(page).to have_content(bird.name)
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LOL. We had an 8 second difference between our posts. –  user2816783 May 23 at 19:09
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The problem apparently was that FactoryGirl wasn't finished creating the object, so the object didn't show up on the page. Instead of

let(:bird) { FactoryGirl.create(:bird) }

it should have been

let!(:bird) { FactoryGirl.create(:bird) }

Thanks for the suggestions though.

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