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I am writing a basic image processing app. Right now I have code in place to load an image via the Camera or the image picker and set it as the source image for a UIImageView object in my interface. The object is configured with the "Aspect Fill" property, so I don't have to programmatically crop the image.

Looking at the sample code provided at this link:

It seems that I need to include Apple's EAGLView class and add a view in my interface of that class. My problem here is I need to know how to load the positioned/cropped image in my UIImageView into the EAGLView... or if there is another, more efficient way to programmatically get the data from point A to point B.

Or maybe I'm just going about this all wrong! I'm open to options.

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I even do not know how to connect EAGLView together with UIView, just one line code - (void)sliderAction:(id)sender { // Redraw the view with the new settings [((EAGLView*)self.view) drawView]; } So hard to understand this sample. – Forrest Jul 5 '10 at 18:01
Successfully use this sample for my iPad application. It is completely fast then any other 2d image processing algorithm. – Forrest Jul 16 '10 at 12:36

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