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I created a browser application using Qt WebKit 4.8.4. Out QA found the application triggers a network traffic spike on wireless network every 5-10 seconds. The VoIP call will drop because of the network traffic spike.

I found the problem was from Qt WebKit – even the Qt WebKit example fancybrowser suffers the same problem. I did a test in the same environment with fancybrowser. When it is not running, ping to a server constantly takes less than 1 ms. But, when it is running, ping to a server takes 100 ms every 5-10 seconds. What fancybrowser does is just to create a QWebView, not even load anything yet (I disabled loading page in my testing).

I wonder whether anyone has the similar experience and what the solution is.

BTW, I tried QtWeb which uses Apple WebKiet and it seems to not have this issue. But if I compiled QtWeb source code with Qt 4.8.4, QtWeb has the same issue.

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Have you used Wireshark to examine the network ? It will you show you whatever data is being sent. Update your question when you know what the data is. –  skyhisi May 23 at 20:37

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