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After I submit the form unsuccessfully, the form looses all the values I typed in.

I'm using value="", so that could be related, but if I remove it I get a / in the field, and it still doesn't remember

any idea what I could be doing wrong?

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well for now I've used a javascript to do this, it works well but maybe someone has a php/modx/eform solution.

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By unsuccessfully submitting the form do you mean it fails validation checks?

No matter what I do, I can't replicate the behaviour you are seeing.

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ya, so when the validation fails, I loose whatever I entered into the fields, if it's one or two fields it's ok, but but with a plethora of fields it can get really annoying having to fill everything out again –  Daniel Apr 14 '10 at 16:58
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Okay, so I figured it out. I had all the intention of going in and adding the functionality, when I came across line 573 in eform.inc.php "# get SESSION data - thanks to sottwell" so it's already doing what I want it to.

anyhow, because I couldn't find this in any documentation here is what I've done. Though I must say faintly recall doing this exact thing before. So the next time I need this I might come across this :)

add a value=[+field+]

<input id="femail" name="email" value="[+email+]" eform="Email Address:email:1" />

just remember that the value needs to match the class and NOT the id(unless you want them the same)

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