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I know that code formatters for some non-Javascript languages have advanced to the point where a team can do the following:

  1. Each programmer defines their own "style definition" file
  2. The company defines a team-wide "style definition" file
  3. When a programmer works on a file their editor formats the file to their preferred style
  4. When a programmer checks-in their work Git formats it back to the team style

This scenario seems like the "holy grail" to me, as it lets every team member use whatever formatting they want, while not creating massive/meaningless diffs on check-in.

I know that Javascript has code formatters, but when I looked before (over a year ago) it didn't seem like any were robust enough for the above scenario. So, I was wondering if anyone knew whether any such tools had advanced to the point where I could make the above scenario a reality.

Examples of such tools would be great, but (attn: SO Moderators) I am NOT looking for a specific tool recommendation (which I know is inappropriate for SO). Instead, I'm asking for general information about the state of tooling in the JS space (which I hope is a legitimate topic for SO).

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