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I'm trying to exclude a directory from being uploaded via sftp using the grunt-sftp-deploy grunt plugin.

Here are my settings:

'sftp-deploy': {
      lean: {
        auth: {
          host: 'green-and-energy.com',
          port: 22,
          authKey: 'privateKey'
        src: './build/',
        dest: '/webseiten/citysim/iev-webapp-deploy',
        exclusions : ['/build/css-lib/*', '/build/css-lib/**', 'build/css-lib/*','build/css-lib/**'],
        server_sep: '/'
      }, // end of lean
    } // end of sftp

What I'm trying to exclude is the folder ./build/css-lib all it's components from being uploaded. But it doesn't work, it will be uploaded.

As you can see, i tried different syntax approaches, but none worked.

Any help?

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Try common syntax:


This will exclude from deploy all files, not only dir. So 'css-lib' directory will not recreated to put inside non-excluded files.

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any details???? –  tod Dec 24 '14 at 11:15
Even if this is the answer, i think it would be nice for OP to know why this line and what does this line do?! –  Rizier123 Dec 24 '14 at 11:30

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