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We've been looking for ways to HTML encode our JSP pages to counter XSS.

The OWASP site shows How_to_perform_HTML_entity_encoding_in_Java

The article talks about entity encoding the "Big 5" i.e.

  21          {"#39", new Integer(39)}, // ' - apostrophe
  22          {"quot", new Integer(34)}, // " - double-quote
  23          {"amp", new Integer(38)}, // & - ampersand
  24          {"lt", new Integer(60)}, // < - less-than
  25          {"gt", new Integer(62)}, // > - greater-than



is encoded as


but the Java code sample included in the article uses numeric reference encoding i.e.


is encoded as


Is there a reason for using character references over entity references? Which is best and why?

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They're the same as far as protecting yourself from XSS is concerned. The only real practical differences are readability and size.

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