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aasm_column :status  

aasm do
  state :unpaid, :initial => true
  state :paid
  state :refund
  state :closed
  state :cancelled

These are the states in a model, and I need to sort the records according to the states of aasm_column. For example, I have five records and they all have different states. Now, I need to get all the records and they should be sorted as the one with 'unpaid' at first, then 'paid' at second, etc. If there has an elegant way to achieve it.

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Is sorting via ruby OK or are you requiring that the database should do the sorting? –  pdobb May 24 at 3:12
Maybe, I prefer aasm giving a way to achieve the priority of states, so I can sort it no matter by ruby or database. –  hiveer May 24 at 3:58

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aasm and other state_machine gems don't do anything other than provide a structure for your records. To the best of my knowledge, they don't have any way to prioritize the data (only a way to determine its state).

I would recommend looking at getting ActiveRecord to handle it (with order):

Class Model < ActiveRecord::Base
    scope :prioritize, -> { order(unpaid: :desc, paid: :asc) }

This will allow you to call:

def index
    @items = Model.where(values: here).prioritize


Of course, the order method needs work, but I hope you get the idea? I can refactor if you want me to

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Very thanks for you answer, it is clear and simple. But I think you know the type of aasm_state is string, so, it is hard to use them for a relatively complicated sort issue. –  hiveer May 26 at 14:12
Why is it hard to sort with the type 'string'? –  alto May 28 at 18:51

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