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We have started a project few weeks ago using google cloud endpoints and other google cloud services (datastore, cloud sql etc...).

Our app will have the user go through a registration process where they will create their own username/password and provide other profile information. We don't want to authenticate using Google/Facebook/Twitter OAUTH. We also want to hide our API's from the public view.

Is there anyway possible for us to hide or not allow access to the API's from API explorer?

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Other than those provided, there are three possible security mechanisms:

  1. Specify Client IDs at the API level, so that clients with that ID only can connect
  2. Build your own OpenID provider that uses the user data from your store.
  3. Login without endpoints before making endpoints call. Pass and validate the token inside your endpoints method.
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However this will still not hide my other API's from the public view. I am planning to go with #3 solution. –  user3670859 May 26 '14 at 21:25

If your API is visible under API explorer I assume you have configuration similar to this:

@Api(clientIds = {

Just remove the client ID Constant.API_EXPLORER_CLIENT_ID and it should no longer be accessible using API explorer.

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