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I am a c++ programmer and new to bamboo. I have many repositories which are compiled daily as part of CI in Bamboo as different plans. I want to represent these build state in a graph. (dynamic updating)

Bamboo provides graph of build status for each plan. But not as a whole. Or is there any facility available?

So, my idea is to write the build status of each plan into a file & then read that file to generate the graph. i.e at any time if I open the graph, it will show me the status by reading that file. enter image description here So, my question is:

  • Is this possible what i am going to do?
  • If yes, then is there any way bamboo has inbuilt in it?
  • If no, can you suggest me how to achieve this? (i know a bit of html & js)
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Bamboo does have two APIs: PythonAPI and RestAPI that you can use to read build status. –  tmlai May 27 '14 at 16:37

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I would use the APIs that tmlai mentioned in comments above to get the data and use D3.js to render the graphs in a web page.

I do not know if bamboo has that functionality built in.

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