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I'm having problems with a function to create a sticky header.

Code is like this:

function stick() {
var stickyNavTop = headerNav.offset().top;
var scrollTop = window.scrollTop();
while (stickyNavTop> scrollTop) {
    headerNav.className +=("sticky");
else {
    headerNav.className -= ("sticky")


CSS has a simple .sticky{position:fixed}

I believe the problem is in DOM but I don't know how to fix it. While I know jQuery could do this in a much easier fashion, the purpose of this is to learn JavaScript so I'm looking for answers in pure JS and not jQuery. Also any other problems I might have, please highlight them as they will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Add a jsfiddle to of it please –  SSS May 24 at 7:03
I must say thats a very bad fiddle. Else with while –  SSS May 24 at 7:37
I have recently started learning JavaScript. I posted the question on the lookout for someone to help me with my problem. Please don't just make remarks of my bad fiddle without giving an alternative better option. –  Fyxerz May 24 at 8:11
Yes buddy Will give you a solution. –  SSS May 24 at 9:11
And Also try to take some criticism from others. That will help you improve better as well –  SSS May 24 at 9:48
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I have just made a new function call.

   var headerNav = document.getElementById("navbar");
     window.onscroll = function() {
  var scrollTop = window.pageYOffset;

  document.getElementById("navbar").style.top =scrollTop+"px";

The this Demo

You can also set the style.position= "absolute"; in the javascript function.

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