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I Have this code :

- (IBAction)go:(id)sender
    int bienPlace = 0;
    int charIndex;
    unichar testChar1, testChar2;

    for (charIndex = 0; charIndex < 3; charIndex++) {
        if (charIndex < 3) {
            resultats.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@", @"4 numbers required"];

        testChar1 = [saisie.text characterAtIndex:charIndex];
        testChar2 = [[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%d", nombreChoisi] characterAtIndex:charIndex];
        if (testChar1 == testChar2) {

    resultats.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@%@%d%@%@", saisie.text, @" good number : ", bienPlace, @"\r", resultats.text];

    if (bienPlace == 4) {
         resultats.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@%d", @"congratulation, you hack the code : ", nombreChoisi];
    saisie.text = @"";

    [saisie resignFirstResponder];

and I want to stop the loop and display a error message when the user enter less 4 characters when press the button named "go". I wrote this line :

if (charIndex < 3) {
     resultats.text = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@", @"4 numbers required"]

but the program display the error message and the loop continue to operate. A solution ?

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Show us the full context of your break statement. (It's got to be inside the loop to be effective, you know.) –  Hot Licks May 24 at 12:21
Since your for loop is over charindex from 0 to 2, your condition would always be true. Where is your if statement relative to your loop? –  Floris May 24 at 12:23
The block in the if statement is never executed. Also using non-english variable names is a really bad habit. So what is the goal? How should the code work in your opinion? –  Flovdis May 24 at 13:00
I want that the code display a error message when the user enter less 4 characters, reload the loop, when the user enter 4 characters the program work, I don’t want that the user enter more than 4 characters and less 4 characters. –  Mpk605 May 24 at 13:11
@Mpk605: But charIndex has nothing to do with how many characters your user entered, it's just your loop counter. –  Paul Griffiths May 24 at 13:18

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That condition is not logically useful in the loop or after it because the loop will only continue while charIndex is < 3. You need to put that if statement before the loop and replace break; with return;

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If I put that before the loop the user can enter more than 4 characters. –  Mpk605 May 24 at 12:59

Please use return replace break

Because break just make current time over, if the condition is true, loop will continue to go.

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