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ok, lets say I have the following markup :

  <div class="shapes">
    <ul class="shape">
      <li><a class="element">Line</a></li>
      <li><a class="element box">Box</a></li>
      <li><a class="element circle">Circle</a></li>

 <a class="element"></a>
 <a class="element box small"></a>
 <a class="element selected circle large"></a>

I want the user to double click on <li> element classes which gives the option to change the type of shape for the latter <a> tag elements.

Here is my code I am trying to achieve this with (still not fully implemented as I am asking for better solution with coffeescript.. I a fully aware of .removeClass() etc)

Usage example I want an easy and flexible way for replacing the circle class of the selected element, with the class found in the clicked <li><a></a></li> element.

 $(".shapes> .element").on "dblclick", (e) ->
      shape= $(this);
      if $(".selected").length is 0

      changeEl = (shape) ->        
       className = shape.attr('class').replace('element','')
       $('.selected').attr class: className
       console.log className 

[EDIT] is there a way to replace a particular class without having to store the current classes in a variable, replace one of the classes with another class, and reassign classes the element ?

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