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I am new to programming and am just looking to be pointed in the right direction.

I want to create a stopwatch that will show you time elapsed since a custom date that the user has input. I am assuming I will use NSTimer and/or NSDate to complete this - but what should I look into for allowing the user to input their own start date?

Example: The user wants to know how long they haven't slept for - They input the time they last woke up and the timer displays to them how long they have been awake.

Much appreciated

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Sorry I meant UIDatePicker. Read its class reference, and also the iOS View Controller programming guide, for guidance on how to integrate them. –  Carl Veazey May 24 at 15:17

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You can use NSDate's -timeIntervalSinceDate: to get the elapsed time in seconds

For example:

NSDate *date1 = // date the user woke up
NSTimeInterval timeAwake = [[NSDate date] timeIntervalSinceDate:date1]; // time awake in seconds

Apple documentation

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Thanks for the help! Building on your code... Can I use the following to grab the date from UIDatePicker? NSDate *date = [self.datePicker date]; –  Daniel J May 24 at 20:35

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