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success: function(data) {
            $.each(data.top[field].terms, function(index, result) {
                $('<li>' + result.term + ' [' + result.count + ']</li>')
                    .appendTo($('.input-list-wrapper', $tooltip))
                    .data('field', field)
                    .data('value', result.term)
                    .bind('keypress', function(e) {
                        if (e.keyCode === 13) {
                            $term.trigger('updateTerm', $(this).data('value'));

I am not able to bind the keypress event dynamically. If i replace the .bind call with .mouseenter or .mouseover it works as intended. I've tried .on .keypress .keyDown .live (.live gave me a undefined function error).

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Be sure the keypress behavior is defined for your browser. According to jQuery docs: api.jquery.com/keypress/#entry-longdesc . Also, you are binding keypress event to li elements? Keep in mind they have to have focus to trigger the keypress event. –  Clint Powell May 24 at 16:29
I'ved made sure to trigger the focus but it didn't seems to help. Not sure how to get this working dynamically with keypress. –  user3662516 May 24 at 21:43
First of all, if you use the old method of document.onkeypress does that work? I'm wondering if this is a JQuery problem or an actual genuine Javascript error –  tomysshadow May 24 at 22:50
@user3662516 have you tried jQuery .keyup(function(e) { ... })? –  Clint Powell May 25 at 16:49

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