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I dont know what happen with my VS2013 Update 2.

When I opened my project, it displays this message:

No exports were found that match the constraint : 


I am really confused. I've tried this solution, but it doesn't solve my problem..

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It's not possible to help you without knowing:

  • the complete list of installed extensions,
  • the exact Visual Studio 2013 version,
  • the exact Windows version,
  • a brief reproduction script.

The most important clue you can get about the root cause, can be seen in Visual Studio Activity Log. I suggest starting Visual Studio with activity logging enabled (devenv.exe /log), reproducing the error and checking the log.

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it really helped to fix the problem. The main problem and its solution can be found here. stackoverflow.com/questions/17574089/… –  Elangesh Aug 5 at 16:47

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