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I'd like to highlight one or two words in a <HTML></HTML> section in a dokuwiki (2014-05-05 "Ponder Stibbons") page like I'd do outside of the section with ''one or two words'' or with apostrophe in SE markdown. How can I achieve that? Example (embedded HTML option has to be enabled in configuration):

====== Title ======
    <li>Magic should happen ''here'', except not with '' because it isn't recognized</li>

The following doesn't suit my needs

  • <tt>one two</tt> simply doesn't look the same

Besides this I don't have any ideas...

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Have you tried something? You tagged your question with dokuwiki, why? Are you trying to format a dokuwiki page? Please add precisions to your question. –  Thibault May 24 at 23:13

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Try enclosing the string in &quot tag like &quotkey&quot i.e. &quot tag appended with semicolon

May be misunderstood your question , now more clear Try something like this if it helps by enclosing in code tags as shown in : https://www.dokuwiki.org/faq:lists

Magic should happen 'here', expect not with because it isn't recognized

Also,check out the following link :


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That just replaces &quot with ". Can you post the code that you used to try this, please? –  Karl Richter May 25 at 10:53
Updated my answer, you can add html extensively to docuwiki just checkout the links I shared –  Chhavi Gangwal May 25 at 11:15
100.0 % what I was looking for :) –  Karl Richter May 25 at 11:26

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