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I am using generated Google Cloud Endpoints for Android in Android studio.

All examples that I saw use an AsyncTask and declare the service object (here called "api") in the following manner:

Api.Builder builder = new Api.Builder(AndroidHttp.newCompatibleTransport(), new AndroidJsonFactory(), null);
api = builder.build();

I am new to Android and Endpoints I was wondering if the service object needs to be declared in each AsyncTask or if it can be made static and accessed from anywhere, even from different asynchronous tasks.

Can I see this somewhere by looking at the object? Does anybody know?

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I actually don't know

  • It would be very surprising if the endpoint proxy (your Api object) was not thread safe. It should be documented if it is not the case
  • I would reuse the object, but this does not mean it has to be static. You can certainy pass it as a parameter of your async tasks.
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