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Hey, help would be very much appreciated. How do I make an ifstatement so both of these fields "szValue" and "szPara" clear onSubmit? Thanks!

function submit() 
    if (document.getElementById('szValue').value === "Enter First Value")
        document.getElementById('szValue').value = "";

    if (document.getElementById('szPara').value === "Enter Second Value")
        document.getElementById('szPara').value = "";

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You're missing a " before 'Enter Second Value' – Xr. Mar 5 '10 at 7:17


  if (document.getElementById('szPara').value === Enter Second Value"){


  if (document.getElementById('szPara').value === "Enter Second Value"){


Check if the case of the string is the same as in your code sample. If you want you can change the case and compare in the if statement like

var dVal = "Enter Second Value";

if(document.getElementById('szPara').value.toLowerCase() === dVal.toLowerCase())
    // write your code here
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Thanks Rahul. I actually had the quotes in the right place in the code, but when I edited it for here left it out. You can put two consecutive if statements in there like that, though? – Brian K Mar 5 '10 at 16:57

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