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Does someone knows how can I capture my computer screen to a video file? I need the file to be as small as possible. I'm using C#. Third party components also welcome.


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Possible duplicate: stackoverflow.com/questions/397754/… –  Justin Mar 5 '10 at 8:25

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I think you are referring to creating a screen cast, if so this is the best I have used.


It can produce many formats including FLV which can be configured to small file size.

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why did some one vote this down?? –  Peter Mar 5 '10 at 7:31

Directly capturing video from the desktop in .net does not seem to be a simple task. Here's an article from c-sharpcorner that might help you out: Link.

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Whoops! Sorry about that. –  Justin Aug 5 '11 at 1:34

You could take a look at ScapLib, and see if that suits your needs.

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