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I have dialog created like this

$('#add_error').click(function(e) {
                title: 'Some title',
                modal: true,
                width: 385,
                close: function() {


It works ok, but every third (not really sure if its really third) time I click link to open dialog, it fails with error in firebug

"$("").addClass("ui-widget-overlay") is undefined"

In dialog.js that is piece of code:

var $el = (this.oldInstances.length ? this.oldInstances.splice(0, 1)[0] : $('<div></div>').addClass('ui-widget-overlay'))
                    width: this.width(),
                    height: this.height()

under create: function(dialog) method.

Strange thing is that this error does not occur when I remove

close: function() {

Any idea?

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Which versions of JQuery / JQuery UI are you running ? –  Xr. Mar 5 '10 at 7:24
The latest jQuery UI 1.8rc3 –  umpirsky Mar 5 '10 at 8:01

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This has been fixed in trunk since 1.8rc3. See http://dev.jqueryui.com/ticket/5263

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I think it got to be connected to the: ui-widget-overlay in some strange way.

I just override it in my page like this: .ui-dialog-titlebar { display: none; } .ui-widget-overlay { background: #888888; opacity:.15;filter:Alpha(Opacity=15); }

and the reason to override ui-widget-overlay is just because the following doesn't work .ui-dialog-overlay { background: #888888; opacity:.15;filter:Alpha(Opacity=15); }

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Still same error. –  umpirsky Mar 9 '10 at 12:15

Everithing works with jQuery UI 1.8

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