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Feedforward vs Recurrent neural network intuitively describes the concept. Then there is fuzzy recurrent network. Can somebody please explain how to perform pattern classification using fuzzy recurrent network FRNN)? I have not found much details about its application and have questions:

  1. Since the concept of fuzzy is there, then will the input features be fuzzified? If so, then the output of the network needs to be defuzzified. The output is the class to which the pattern belongs. So, will this means that the class labels are fuzzy? What is the implication of fuzzy class labels?

Example: Let the features be color, size, shape and I want to distinguish between objects say Can and dustbin. Going by fuzzy logic, and IF THEN rule I can say:

If x1 is A AND x2 is B and x3 is C then object is in Class1.

x1,x2,x3 are the fuzzified values i.e representing grade of membership. A,B,C are also fuzzy values. How do I construct a fuzzy recurrent neural network for this? An illustration will be helpful.

  1. There must be a process of defuzzification. How are the class labels defuzzified? Say, when not using fuzzy and only using normal NN for classification if the Classes are 3 viz. [0 1 0]; [0 0 1]; [1 1 0]. Then what does the fuzzy counterpart mean? How does the output of fuzzy RNN look like?

  2. What is the difference between RNN and Hopfield network

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I think you'll get an answer faster on stats.stackexchange.com –  James King May 25 '14 at 3:34

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