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Accidentally I may forget to describe some parameters or exception throwing (or something else) when documenting methods or classes, etc.

Is it possible to run javadoc in such a way that it warns me about missing documentation items?

(I use ant script for generating documentation)

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Use Checkstyle! It has awesome Ant integration and supports 100s of other important checks to your source code too.

The JavadocType checker is what you'll need though.

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I do not know of any javadoc option that will issue a warning about non-documented items.

However, if You happen to use Eclipse, take a look at the settings in

Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Compiler -> Javadoc

There, You can tell Eclipse to issue warnings on undocumented items.

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Same answer in same time ;) Eclipse is mother for java development... ;) –  vaske Oct 26 '08 at 20:05
Thanks, this is useful, but not exactly what I need. I would like to have some command line tool, if javadoc not allows to do what I need. –  sergtk Oct 26 '08 at 20:27

We used Doc Check Doclet for an earlier project. It can be integrated with the build and generates useful reports that tell you which code has poor documentation.

NOTE: The tool is beta and no longer supported by Sun.

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Yes it is, in Eclipse you have incorporate check for everything what you define, so it is possible to put this missing into "warnings" and than you will e able to see where you make mistakes.

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