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hello frieds this is how i usually post a variable using Jquery..

$.post("include/save_legatee.inc.php", { legatee_name: legatee_name_string,
                                                            }, function(response){



Can anybody explain how to post an array using Jquery..

   var all_legattee_list= new Array();

this is my array... How can post this using jquery???

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    { all_legattee_list: ['mohit', 'jain'] }, 
    function(data) {

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Post this as a string separated with some delimiter.

use .join() to join the array

var strJoinedArray = all_legattee_list.join(',');

and in your php code split the string using , and retrieve the values.

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Works only if array elements cannot contain the delimiter. – Tomalak Mar 5 '10 at 7:46

you have to use all_legattee_list[] as name of your parameter, something like this:

$.post("...", "all_legattee_list[]=mohit&all_legattee_list[]=jain", ...);
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dude i dont know abt the length of the array(it can be from 10, max).. i m havin 4 arrays that i have to post.. dont u thing this is insane way to do that... – Mohit Jain Mar 5 '10 at 7:37
I don't see how many arrays you have, for simple few elements it's not that bad to do, for many - maybe try using 'all_legattee_list[]' as element name in params object? my example was just a tip what kind of param name you need to use so PHP would use it as array... – Laimoncijus Mar 5 '10 at 7:40

For example, like this: Serializing to JSON in jQuery. Of course the server would have to support JSON deserialization, but many server-side languages already do.

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