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I am making windows store app on visual basic. In one part of my html I have a text input and a button. I was wondering how when I pressed that button, it would find out what was in that input, and then depending on the input, e.g. 'Wednesday', it would send me to a relevant page/section of my app. I know that I would have to write this code somewhere in the 'default.js' file, but I am quite knew to java-script.

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what's the question then? –  halkujabra May 25 at 5:02
Do you mean something like testnaman.neocities.org/quicktest3.html? –  Winestone May 25 at 5:07
Not sure. Like I said, I'm new to java-script. –  user3672932 May 25 at 5:39
@user3672932 So you want some javascript, where when a button is pressed, it grabs the value of an input tag, and redirects the browser to a page based on what was that value, correct? –  Winestone May 25 at 5:48

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The simplest way to get the user input would be to give the text input an id, then attach a function to the onclick event of the button that gets the value of the text input, like so:

        <script type="text/javascript">

            //getInput() is called when the button is clicked.
            function getInput() {
                //Get the text input's value
                var inputContent = document.getElementById("my_text_input").value;

                //Do stuff with it
        <!-- The text input in question. Make sure the id is set -->
        <input type="text" id="my_text_input"/>

        <!-- The button that gets the text from the text input 
             onclick="getInput" calls the getInput() function above when the
             button is clicked. This is not the best way to do it.
        <input type="button" onclick="getInput()" value="Go"/>

For the page loading, it is hard to tell what you want from your question, but you're probably going to need to use window.location (MDN).

Perhaps replacing the getInput() function above with something like this:

function getInput() {
    var inputContent = document.getElementById("my_text_input").value;

    switch(inputContent) {

        //If inputContent is the string 'Wednesday'
        case "Wednesday":
            //Navigate to the Wednesday page.
            window.location = "/app/WednesdayPage.html";

        //If inputContent is the string 'Thursday'
        case "Thursday":
            //Navigate to the Thursday page.
            window.location = "/app/ThursdayPage.html";

        //If inputContent is none of the above, don't do anything.
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