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How to convert following list

['abc,cde,eg,ba', 'abc,cde,ba']

in to list of tuples?

[('abc','cde','eg','ba'), ('abc','cde','ba')]

What I have tried

output = []

for item in my_list:
    a = "','".join((item.split(',')))
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In your loop, you are splitting the string (which will give you a list), but then you are joining it back with a ,, which is returning to you the same string:

 >>> 'a,b'.split(',')
 ['a', 'b']
 >>> ','.join('a,b'.split(','))

You can convert a list to a tuple by passing it to the the built-in tuple() method.

Combining the above with a list comprehension (which is an expression that evaluates to a list), gives you what you need:

>>> [tuple(i.split(',')) for i in ['abc,cde,eg,ba', 'abc,cde,ba']]
[('abc', 'cde', 'eg', 'ba'), ('abc', 'cde', 'ba')]

The longhand way of writing that is:

result = []
for i in ['abc,cde,eg,ba', 'abc,cde,ba']:
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Thanks for the explanation..Excellent :). –  Nilani Algiriyage May 25 '14 at 6:03
t=['abc,cde,eg,ba', 'abc,cde,ba']

for i in t:
    print tuple(i.split(','))
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nataraj サンダーナタラジ : Thanks, performs well :) –  Nilani Algiriyage May 25 '14 at 6:04

you can split the 2 elements. Here is my code

['abc,cde,eg,ba', 'abc,cde,ba']
print c  
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