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Does all CSS background properties and their values works in IE6?

* background-attachment
* background-position
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Note that the answers you are getting refer to CSS 2.x. CSS 3 will introduce more background properties and change existing ones in ways which are not supported by IE6 at all. – Quentin Mar 5 '10 at 8:46

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See CSS Compatibility and Internet Explorer:

background: Yes
background-attachment: Partial
background-color: Yes
background-image : Yes
background-position: Partial
background-repeat: Yes

A value of "Partial" in a cell indicates that that feature is only partially implemented in that version of Internet Explorer. For more information, click the link to view that feature's reference page on MSDN.


As you edited your question, the two properties you ask for are those that are only partially supported. For more information, go to the site I linked to and check the properties.

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The following are fully supported in IE6 :

* background-position
* background-repeat

You may encounter some bugs when using the other properties. Check this link if you want more details about the different bugs in various browsers.

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what is the problem with "background-repeat" ? – Jitendra Vyas Mar 5 '10 at 8:34
There is no problem, background-repeat is fully supported in IE6, as I said in my answer. – Thibault Falise Mar 5 '10 at 8:42
background-position is marked as partial in @Felix answer – Jitendra Vyas Mar 5 '10 at 9:31
Well, event if MSDN states it as being "partially" supported, all values should work as intented in IE6. – Thibault Falise Mar 5 '10 at 9:55

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