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I have required a file with a class in it, but never created a object for required class. But when I run the 'main.rb' file the required class is started. Why ?


require "./required_class.rb"

puts "This should be listed first"


class Hello_World
    puts "Hello World"
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In ruby classes don't behave like functions, they are evaluated on execution. because of this fact your class is effectively no different from simply:

puts "Hello World"

What you're seeing is expected and if you just run in IRB:

> class Hello_World
>     puts "Hello World"
> end
"Hello World"
=> nil

To stop it from running when you require the file containing it you'd need to create a constructor function like so:

class Hello_World
    def initialize
        puts "Hello World"

Now you won't see any output until you run If you want to be able to print your message without instantiating you could use:

class Hello_World
    @@hello = "Hello World"

Then you can get the message with puts Hello_World.hello

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Because the body of the class gets evaluated when you require it. Often you'll see class definitions return nil because the last thing in the class was a method definition (from 2.1 onwards def returns the name of the method as symbol).

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