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This is how you would convert a 32 bit integer ipv4;

int e = 12345678;
u_char ip[4];
ip[0] = ip & 0xFF;
ip[1] = (ip >> 8) & 0xFF;
ip[2] = (ip >> 16) & 0xFF;
ip[3] = (ip >> 24) & 0xFF;
printf("\t%d.%d.%d.%d\n", bytes[0], bytes[1], bytes[2], bytes[3]);

How can I convert ipv6 to dotted string? What instead of 0xFF? PLEASE HELP

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Well, first of all: IPv6 doesn't use dots (except when representing an embedded IPv4 address) but colons.

And representing an IPv6 address in its recommended canonical representation isn't that easy either. I would recommend just using inet_ntop to convert from numerical to printable format.

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