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I'm making an iOS app in which i have an Event class and a Participant class.

The Event class as an NSArray *participants property with a strong attribute. The Participant class needs to have a property refering to the event the participant is in.

I'm asking myself if the fact that the participants array as a strong attribute implies that each participants in this NSArray also as a strong attribute ? Therefore, does the event property of the Participant class needs to have a weak attribute to avoid a retain cycle ?

Thanks for your help

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You are correct that the Participant class should have a weak reference to its Event if your Event class has a strong reference to its Participant's. However, you have mistaken the strong attribute of your NSArray to mean that the array holds a strong reference to each Participant. An NSArray will ALWAYS maintain a strong reference to the items its holds. It is the Event class's reference to its array that is strong.

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Oh I see, thank you for your answer – Abel May 25 '14 at 9:48
Be aware that changing the reference to the participants array to weak will NOT prevent the retain cycle. – CrimsonChris May 25 '14 at 9:49
Yes I see, i wasn't aware that NSArray always as a strong reference to it's objects. Thanks ! – Abel May 25 '14 at 9:51

Yes, the inverse relationship (participant -> event) should be weak, and since a participant cannot exist without the event, this would cause no problem. Meaning that if you remove the event, the participants will be deallocated automatically as well.

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If you declare an NSArray strong, you are retaining the reference at that array. Is the NSArray that retains objects in itself.

And YES, to avoid retain cycle if the object A retains B, B should just have a weak reference to A. But be careful to the management of the object in that array.

Finally i can't figure out your structure, but maybe the participants array is of objects Participant?

Consider the possibility to use Delegation pattern or KVO.

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