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I am trying to get a sense of what tools people are using for system modeling? Right now I use:

  • Data Modeling - Erwin
  • System Architecture - Visio
  • UML - Visio

I have been looking for a good freeware data modeling tool that can rival Erwin, but haven't found anything yet. I have always wondered if tools like Popkins System Architect are any good too.

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Try this tool for SQL Server Physical models. Info can be found here... facebook.com/DataModelerTool or here... plus.google.com/108968161662966473138 –  Carter Feb 13 at 3:52

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Personally, I subscribe to the philosophy that the code is the design.

Tools used: pen & paper, whiteboard, IDE.

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Here are quite a few related questions (and lots of answers) on the subject of UML:






I'm sure there are other threads on SO about this, but this is a start.

Personally, I have used DBDesigner for my DB development and typically whiteboard solutions for our software design. We don't do a lot of UML in-house with formal tools, though I've used it before (Rational Rose...ugh, what a poor app that was) and in a larger setting with a large developer base, I could see some utility in the diagrams. Our outfit is small so we can whiteboard solutions more effectively.

Hope they help!

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For databases, if you want more than just drawing ERD diagrams, e.g. conceptual modeling, I suggest Object Role Modeling, and VisioModeler is free. Note: it doesn't have much if anything to do with Visio.

Here are the Agile creds and some introductory info.

I haven't traditionally had much luck using ERD diagrams to explain anything useful to non-programmers.

Scott Ambler

Scot Becker

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I use Microsoft Word to draw shapes and lines and such to be honest. It's pretty easy and looks good. I don't need all the technical constraints and such to draw most models. If they get too complex or detailed they end up being impossible to read anyway.

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Give ARIS Express a try, which is free-of-charge.

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You can create UML class, sequence, component, use case, and activity diagrams in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. You can link these diagrams to Team Foundation work items so you can plan and track development and test work. You can also create sequence, dependency graphs, and layer diagrams from code and use Architecture Explorer to browse and explore your solution.

I've posted more links on my profile for more info.

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