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Is there a way to clear the Problems window (and any related source code error/warning annotations) without invoking "Build All/Project/..." or "Clean project" (or deleting the project and then re-creating/re-importing it)?

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Yes, in the problems view:

  1. Right Click > Select All (or ctrl-A)
  2. Right Click > Delete

All the markers are then deleted.

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This is not a solution for me, as I got over 3k error, and the window only show 100 at a time. Any other ideas? –  Loda May 17 '11 at 7:49
I'm having the same issue, and Delete is not available when I select all problems. –  Matt K Feb 17 '12 at 21:18

It is also not best solution, but when you configure Problems view (using menus under arrow icon) you can turn limit off and then select and deleta all errors.

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I do not think so with CDT (I know plugins like findbugs have that ability to reset the problem markers, pending a new analysis).
You can only use the filter of the problem view, but that is not an actual solution, since it would only mask them in the Problem View and would not affect the source code annotations.

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If Using Checkstyle, then go to the Project-> Right Click -> Checkstyle -> Clear Violations.

This will clear the Problems Window of all the Errors, Warnings reported via Checkstyle

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