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I'm using Multer as multipart/form-data middleware in Express. I'm wondering how to validate the size of uploaded files, preferably while they're being uploaded.

I'm aware that you can set limits in the options object when instantiating Multer like so:

app.use multer
    fileSize: 1024 * 1024

However, this only truncates the uploaded files and doesn't allow to display an error message like "File is too big." when the file size exceeds the limit.

I also checked out the event handler onFileUploadData(file, data) in which you have access to the file object and the data buffer. Here I can check for the current file size by checking data.length. It's unclear to me, though, how to handle the case in which data.length is bigger than the maximal upload file size that I want to allow.

Ultimately, my idea is that when a request is parsed by Multer and the uploaded file is too big, I'd like to display a flash message to the user and redirect to the form, so she could try a smaller file. The create action of my controller looks something like this:

exports.create = (req, res) ->
  .success (record) ->
    image = req.files.image
    uploadImage(image, record.id).then ->
      req.flash 'success', 'Record created.'
      res.redirect "/records/#{record.id}"
  .error (err) ->
    req.flash 'error', err
    res.redirect 'records/new' 

The problem is that req.files.image is already the parsed image which is uploaded to the systems tmp folder at this point. So even checking the file size here wouldn't really allow me to protect against unwanted large file uploads.

What's the best way to handle file upload validation in Express using Multer or other form-parsing middleware in general?

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If you add a handler for onFileUploadComplete the file object is passed in which has a truncated property. If this property is set to true, that means that particular file exceeded the defined max file size limit.

EDIT: It seems although multer copies over the truncated property from busboy, it is using an old version of busboy that does not yet have the truncated property. There's an existing issue about updating the dependency. An alternative would be to tack on your own property to the file object passed to onFileUploadData when the max size is exceeded. This property should then be available on the req.files.foo object.

EDIT 2: It doesn't have the same "API" as multer or connect-multiparty (req.files and req.body), but I am working on reformed which allows you to define validation rules and error messages. Like multer, it uses busboy under the hood.

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Yeah, like I mentioned in my question, I know that I can do what you suggest even in the onFileUploadData handler. There I can check the data buffer and when data.length < maxUploadSize I know that the file size exceeds the max file size limit. That still doesn't help me with handling this situation. Since this handler is set in the options object on initialization of multer, I don't know about the req and res objects and don't see a way to do anything sensible with the fact that the file is too big at this stage. –  david May 25 '14 at 15:44
You could tack on a property (e.g. toobig) to the file object in your onFileUploadData function that would then be visible in your route handler (e.g. req.files.image.toobig). –  mscdex May 25 '14 at 16:09

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