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Hi I have a file full of strings

create_net_shape -no_snap -type path -net VDD -layer M9 -datatype 0 -path_type 0 -width 0.4 -route_type user_enter -points {{2965.64 302.835} {2979.93 302.835}}

I would like to be able to search and replace in vi , a certain field based on a result of other filed

I nedd the output to be

create_net_shape -no_snap -type path -net VDD -layer M9 -datatype 9 -path_type 0 -width 0.4 -route_type user_enter -points {{2965.64 302.835} {2979.93 302.835}}

and so on

how can I use my search result in one field and apply it into the other


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what you mean a result of other filed? –  طاهر May 25 at 12:22
is it 9 in M9? –  طاهر May 25 at 12:22
hi , what i mean that if I encounter at field #8 string "M9" I need my field #10 to be "9" , if I encounter "...-layer M10 -datatype 0..." the output should be ...-layer M10 -datatype 10..." I need to set a datatype number based on a layer number thanks in advance –  ilansh May 25 at 12:40

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Try this command:

:%s/\v-layer M([0-9]+) -datatype \zs[0-9]+/\1/

  • The pattern will match digits right after -datatype.
  • We substitute these digits with those right after -layer M
  • Some advanced features. You can read the vimdoc with :help \v and :help \zs
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Kev , thanks worked like a charm can you please explain? I assume () is similar to tcl , the search term go`s inside some var ,but how do you call it? what is \v , \z and \1 –  ilansh May 25 at 13:22
without \v(very magic), you need to rewrite (...) as \(...\) to capture a group –  kev May 25 at 13:32
without \zs, you need to use \@<= (0-width preceding match). It's a syntax-sugar. –  kev May 25 at 13:34

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