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By default, jaxb 2 lists all (all possible required) namespaces in root element during marshalling:

<rootElement xmlns="default_ns" xmlns:ns1="ns1" xmlns:ns2="ns2"> <ns1:element/> </rootElement>

Is there a way to describe namespace in each element instead of root element ?:

<rootElement xmlns="default_ns"> <element xmlns="ns1"/> </rootElement>

It also solves the problem of "unnecessary namespaces", which is also important in my case. Any suggestions appreciated.

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Please don't ask the same thing twice. stackoverflow.com/questions/2385405/… –  skaffman Mar 5 '10 at 9:59
excuse me, that post was commited without example –  Anton Mar 5 '10 at 10:10

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The answer is negative, JAXB does not support such low-level customization. Consider using XSLT to post-process the marshalled XML.

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Also, I tend to agree wtih @Anton in the response he offered in the other thread. I really shouldn't matter. And if you must force one way or the other, you should always prefer the top-level context, especially if you have potentially repeated elements. Repeating the namespace declaration in sibling elements is a waste of space as well as sub-optimal for the parser at the receiving end.

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