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On mac os console, when doing paste of large quantities of text (for example an sql database) I get loads of trash and corrupted text. But when doing the same under windows or into a text box, this doesn't happen and the text comes out ok.

Is this a buffer problem or something like it? If so anyone know any flag to make its size bigger?

Other than that, anyone got any sugestiong on a way to fix this?

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Don't use copy/paste. Seriously, the shell was designed a long time before the GUI; it doesn't well with certain modern HIG idioms like copy/paste. The ironic thing is that your task will probably be easier if you dump to a temporary file rather than pasting. For example, rather than doing something like this:

# select and hit Cmd+C
# hit Cmd+V at prompt

Try something more like the following:

dump_database | create_database

Or if you absolutely must:

dump_database > tmp_file
# ...
create_database < tmp_file
rm tmp_file

Alternatively: Just use pbcopy and pbpaste.

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