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Is there a way to (easily) generate a HTML report that contains the tests results ? I am currently using JUnit in addition to Selenium for testing web apps UI.

PS: Given the project structure I am not supposed to use Ant :(

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What (build) technology are you currently using? If you don't provide any hints about this, there are just too many answers! –  oberlies Jun 6 '14 at 13:41

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If you could use Ant then you would just use the JUnitReport task as detailed here:, but you mentioned in your question that you're not supposed to use Ant. I believe that task merely transforms the XML report into HTML so it would be feasible to use any XSLT processor to generate a similar report.

Alternatively, you could switch to using TestNG ( ) which is very similar to JUnit but has a default HTML report as well as several other cool features.

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Thanks for your answer! I will try to convince the staff that we need ANT, and the whole idea of an IDE-Centric project is bad. –  Andrei Ciobanu Mar 8 '10 at 19:37

Alternatively for those using Maven build tool, there is a plugin called Surefire Report.

The report looks like this : Sample

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You can easily do this via ant. Here is a build.xml file for doing this

 <project name="genTestReport" default="gen" basedir=".">
                Generate the HTML report from JUnit XML files

        <target name="gen">
                <property name="genReportDir" location="${basedir}/unitTestReports"/>
                <delete dir="${genReportDir}"/>
                <mkdir dir="${genReportDir}"/>
                <junitreport todir="${basedir}/unitTestReports">
                        <fileset dir="${basedir}">
                                <include name="**/TEST-*.xml"/>
                        <report format="frames" todir="${genReportDir}/html"/>

This will find files with the format TEST-*.xml and generate reports into a folder named unitTestReports.

To run this (assuming the above file is called buildTestReports.xml) run the following command in the terminal:

ant -buildfile buildTestReports.xml
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That worked, thank you! I just wish I could sort by the "Time" column in the resulting table. –  dzajic Feb 25 at 23:33
Thank you for a quick ready-made solution –  Roman Saveljev Mar 25 at 14:08

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