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I have something like this:

host1 | port1
host2 | port2
host3 | port3
host4 | port4

Now, i need to insert pairs into an array so i can use them in a loop:

I tried to loop through one value of an array

$hosts  = array('host1','host2','host3'); 

foreach ($hosts as $host) {

   echo $host;


How do I add pairs to an array so i can call say host it outputs both host and port?

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You could create your array like this which creates named keys for each host:

$hosts = array(
    'host1' => 'port1',
    'host2' => 'port2',
    'host3' => 'port3'

(Example #1 here:

You can then iterate through the array like so to grab the array key and value:

foreach($hosts as $host => $port){
    echo 'This is the ' . $host;
    echo 'This is the ' . $port;


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Thank you, this is exactly what i needed... – skymario84 May 25 '14 at 17:56
A small add to that, how can i do the same with three values in an array? – skymario84 May 25 '14 at 18:10
You can combine my answer with @Bill's and construct your array like this: $hosts = array('host1' => array('port1a', 'port1b')); You can then access the data in that array like so: echo $hosts['host1'][0]; // Will echo 'port1a' – ecs May 25 '14 at 18:15

You could add arrays to the array, so you get an multidimensional array:

$hosts = array(array('host1', 'port1'), array('host2', 'port2'));
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You can use multidimensional array. Like this

$data= array

and can access like this

echo "Host: ". $data[0][0]." Port: ".$data[0][1];
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Fast way:

// also You can define it as string directly, but I think You have a file :)
foreach(explode(PHP_EOL,file_get_contents('myIP.txt')) as $line){
     $hosts[explode(' | ',$line)[0]] = explode(' | ',$line)[1];


// You will have pairs host1 => port1, host2=>port2, etc

There's on more way with array_walk, but I'm too lazy to read docs about array_walk. Hope this solution will completly solve Your task

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No, the data i need to add to an array is static, it never changes, something like config part of a PHP project to import later to other scripts...but thanks anyway for your answer – skymario84 May 25 '14 at 18:03
@skymario84 so You can define var like $myhosts = "host1 | port1 \r\n host2 | port2 \r\n"; and replace file_get_contents('myIP.txt') with $myhosts. It'll work. Cheers – George Sazanovich May 25 '14 at 22:01

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