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ready do
  sprockets.append_path File.join root, 'bower_components'


//= require 'dimple'
//= require 'director'

When I access to or build a js file which is served by Middleman + Sprockets, some modules installed through Bower return a not-found error. jQuery etc works normally.

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Apparently some Bower modules are not Sprockets compatible. I needed to set a full path while jQuery requires only its name.

//= require 'jquery'
//= require 'dimple/dist/dimple.v2.0.0.js'
//= require 'director/build/director.js'
//= require 'spinjs/spin.js'
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FYI, i ended up not using Bower directly with Middleman. Too many JS libs violate the Bower's recommendation to bundle only dist files and not everything they've got in the repo. So i set the bower_components module to ignore in Middleman's config.rb and use a grunt-copy task to copy hand-picked files into the javascripts/vendor folder. –  lolmaus - Andrey Mikhaylov May 26 at 13:40
@lolmaus-AndreyMikhaylov Can you share your grunt-copy task? Thanks! –  Renato Carvalho Jul 15 at 0:30

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