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I'm trying to have one main game server, and a whole bunch of little servers that each have a P2P connection back to the main server, so the whole thing looks like a big star configuration.

The little servers are created dynamically by the main server (on-demand), and the main server also has to assign new port numbers for the little servers upon creation.

Actually when the players start, they first go to the main server, the player can create a new room server or join an existing room. The main server then handsoff the player to the new room server, using uLink handover feature, then they can start playing. The players can change to any other room at any time, handled by the main server who hands them off to a new room or existing room server.

I have uLinkP2PConnector and uLinkNetworkP2P on each of the little servers to handle the P2P.

There seems to be three port numbers needed per server: one that the player connects to, one for uLinkP2PConnector, and another for uLinkNetworkP2P to P2P back to the main server.

I'm not exactly sure how to assign the port numbers to all the little servers and the main server, so that all the little servers can connect to the player, do handoff, and also P2P back to the main server.

Can anybody give me a hint?

Thanks rough

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