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I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere, but feel like I'm missing something obvious.

Under Ubuntu (Xubuntu, actually) 14.04, I installed clang 3.4 + LLVM using apt-get via default repositories. I then downloaded Eclipse Kepler standard, started it up, installed the CDT, and restarted. I was able to create a new C++ project using LLVM/Clang WITHOUT installing the llvm4eclipsecdt plugin. In fact, I hadn't even heard of this plugin until today. It works beautifully - projects automatically get the correct shared libraries, include files, etc.

Today I installed Scientific Linux 6.5. I upgraded GCC to 4.9.0 from source (including correction to the spec file to set the new rpath, putting new GCC first in the path, etc). I then used this to compile the whole LLVM/Clang shebang. When (finally) done, I installed Eclipse + CDT using the same process as before. There were no Clang options, so I found the plugin and installed it. So, my questions:

  • Why did CDT installation include LLVM options under Ubuntu, but not SL?
  • More importantly, when the plugin is installed under SL, it DOES NOT automatically pre-set the C++ project to use the correct library or include files (adding include paths for the standard library is particularly painful). How can I get it to do this?

Interesting side note: I also tried the "Eclipse for C/C++" (Kepler and Luna RC1), with no luck for LLVM+Clang. However, I noticed that this version included the new "Dialect" option to select std=c++11 without entering the flags. This option doesn't appear when using Eclipse Standard and the latest CDT. What gives?


EDIT: Today, installing latest CDT does seem to bring in LLVM with Clang and LLVM with GCC options on SL. However, when using, a simple test program does not compile due to unresolved includes of the standard library (e.g., not found), even though the correct includes are showing up under the project browser. I can see them there, but the console output during build shows that they are not being included. Also, CDT will not let me remove the path to the old libraries. When I remove it (in global or in project settings), it just adds them back.

First question solved, second question stands.

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