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I'm caught in a bind and I'm looking for a simple data storage solution that meets some fairly strict requirements, mostly that I not use a separate process or server for the engine. I'm also painfully aware that while I am a Sr. enough developer that I could roll my own DB stack, that also means I'm Sr. enough to know that it is usually a bad idea to try to reinvent the wheel on solved problems, and so I should not try to do so if a better option already exists.


  1. My target language is C# 4/4.5 on a windows server install; This was not my choice but this what I get to live with. I mention this because it seems to be greatly limiting my options.
  2. I want to store data without needing a separate process/server to host the data. In fact, I was flat out told it could not use a separate server so running a copy of SQL Server/MySQL/etc externally or even locally is not an option. There are good reasons for this.
  3. I only want to store a few thousand objects of various types. I literally do not think I will be storing more than 1000 records or so.
  4. This data set is so minimal that actually using a full database server would be overkill anyway even if I did not have the restriction that I could not do so in place.
  5. The smallest footprint possible, the better.
  6. The simplest it is on me the developer, the better.

Options I have looked into

  1. I have prior experience with SQLite from a prior gig that dealt mostly with Python/SqlALchemy (sqlite for unit tests, PostGreSQL/MySQL for server) so I was really disappointed to find that Entity/Linq/.Net does fully support Sqlite or allow you to generate a db as part of your development flow using something like code first. Worse, Google seems to point to only one main driver that has not been supported or updated in over 4 years.
  2. I have spent my weekend so far looking into JET (microsoft.isam.esent.interop) thinking it could be useful.. but I'm finding that the API itself is not enjoyable to use - in fact, I am finding it obtuse and opaque due to support for it being lacking and getting worse by the day; So I worry about using it as support seems to be going away if its not already gone.


What options am I missing when I only look at SQLite and JET (microsoft.isam.esent.interop)?

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MS SQL Server Express 2014 LocalDB – Neil McGuigan May 26 '14 at 21:18
Not an option as this requires a separate process, per my original comments. – honestduane May 27 '14 at 20:18

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