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I have a web application deployed to Azure that I am unable to access remotely via HTTP. I am able to RDP into the VM just fine and access the web application from the VM just fine with forms authentication, but when I try to access it remotely, I get a 403 and sometimes just the IIS8 generic site. I've tried different configurations in IIS, but none seem to work. I am new to Azure and it's portal and not sure if I setup everything from that end correctly. A good sign at least is that I can RDP into that VM and run the application, so I have hope! ;)

FYI, when I log onto that VM, I notice on the desktop some configurations, like:

  1. Deployment Id
  2. Internal IP
  3. Public IP (I've tried this externally and can't get in)
  4. Host Name (which I use in the URL, i.e. https://hostname/app, from the VM and it works)
  5. User Name

I'm not sure what else I am missing - any and all advice will be appreciated.

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You've shared zero information about how you set up your VM. Did you open any endpoints (aside from RDP)? What else did you do? Really hard to diagnose without any information. –  David Makogon May 26 at 3:04

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