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I'm saving my log messages in database using JDBCAppender. I have my configuration in xml file where I save it in this way:

value="INSERT INTO LOGS (user_id, dated, logger, log_level, message) VALUES ( '%X{userName}','%d','%C:%L','%p','%m' )"

But when my message contains single/double quotes it gives me an sql error saying that I have extra comma. What is the proper way to avoid this?

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Use the Common Escape SQL method for the same.

please find such class helper in link

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This approach would force the user to call the escaping method from within the code that calls Log4J. –  Isaac May 26 at 5:22
The Problem statement that he gave applies that his current system has Log4j and he can applying custom logic at separate times. The solution is specific to this question and not to the complete application generic. –  Vineet Verma May 26 at 6:25
Seems like you misunderstood the problem statement, or Log4J, or both. The whole point of using Log4J (and other logging frameworks) is that you log objects and let the mappings be done behind the scenes, without having to change the code that does the logging. –  Isaac May 26 at 6:28

The Log4J Javadoc specifically warns against this (read here).

This deficiency is one of the reasons why usage of the JDBCAppender is discouraged (according to the Log4J documentation, this class is "likely to be completely replaced in the future").

The correct way to do it using the current JDBCAppender would be to subclass it and override the protected getLogStatement method. That method (that you write) can return a properly-escaped string.

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Downvoter - please explain what is wrong with this answer. –  Isaac May 26 at 6:28

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