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I am developing a xmpp client application. I need to send ping iq packets to the xmpp server to make sure the server is still alive. How can i send it thru jabber-net library ? thanks

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Read FAQ_Packets and XEP-0199. Set NS to urn:xmpp:ping. Something like:

namespace your.protocol
  public class PingQuery : Element
    public const string PING_NS  = "urn:xmpp:ping";

    // used when creating elements to send
    public PingQuery(XmlDocument doc) : base("ping", PING_NS, doc)

    // used to create elements for inbound protocol
    public PingQuery(string prefix, XmlQualifiedName qname, XmlDocument doc)
        : base(prefix, qname, doc)

  public class Factory : jabber.protocol.IPacketTypes
    private static QnameType[] s_qnt = new QnameType[]
      new QnameType("ping", PingQuery.PING_NS, typeof(your.protocol.PingQuery))
    QnameType[] IPacketTypes.Types { get { return s_qnt; } }

Then use something like:

private void jabberClient_OnStreamInit(object sender, ElementStream stream)
  stream.AddFactory(new your.protocol.Factory());

to hook in your factory. Then use IQTracker as usual to send the request and get notified of the response.

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thanks,,,, have done the samething yesterday.... :) – Yesudass Moses May 28 '14 at 5:55

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