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I wanna call a specified web service from various classes in my java source. so, I write a procedure used singleton pattern for creating a proxy connection in a public class:

 public static SmsParam getProxy() throws Exception {
        String UrlString = WsdlManager.WSDL_IP;
        String nameSpaceUri = WsdlManager.NAMESPACE_URI;
        String serviceName = WsdlManager.SERVICE_NAME;
        String portName = WsdlManager.PORT_NAME;

        if (myProxy == null) {

            URL helloWsdlUrl = new URL(UrlString);

            ServiceFactory serviceFactory = ServiceFactory.newInstance();

            Service helloService = serviceFactory.createService(helloWsdlUrl, new QName(nameSpaceUri, serviceName));

            myProxy = (SmsParam) helloService.getPort(new QName(nameSpaceUri, portName), SmsParam.class);

        return myProxy;

but, when I call this function dynamically, for the first time, I face with the null exception , then I should press f5 for running again, after that it works.

 SmsParam myProxy = WsdlManager.getProxy();
 errorCode =   myProxy.inactiveMobileSMS(mobileNo, new
                        BigDecimal(StringUtils.isEmpty(nationalCode) ? "0" : nationalCode),
                        firstName, lastName, userId) ;

For that purpose , I comment if (myProxy == null) in my funcyion, then, everytime, I create web service proxy, then it works well. but I know that it is not correct way, the speed of running became slow. what is the solution for my problem?

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